Christmas presents don’t always have to be chocolate, alcohol and socks (although a few don’t hurt!) Why not give a gift that means a little bit more this year? A motivational boost for the New Year, or much needed time to relax and unwind.

1.  A Weekend Retreat

This gift suits all budgets and locations, with a huge variety of wellness retreats available on the market both in the UK and abroad. Healing Holidays is a tour operator that specialises in healthy holidays. Alternatively book some train tickets and an Airbnb in the beautiful British countryside. You can go for walks, find new villages and coffee shops to explore, or hire bikes and cycle round the forest. I recently went to Dorset and hired cycles from Norden Park & Ride , enjoyed lunch at the Pig on the Beach and a walk around Corfe Castle. I can also highly recommend the red route in Sherwood Pines, and a weekend break in Edinburgh. ‘Experience’ gifts are perfect for those who have everything and enjoy creating happy memories.

2. Gift Vouchers

A lot of people avoid giving money or vouchers at Christmas because it doesn’t take much thought, however you can give more specific gift vouchers that will be (hopefully) greatly appreciated! Spa treatments, massages and healthcare consultations are a great gift idea for those who spend more time thinking about others, and not enough time pampering themselves! Yoga classes, personal training sessions and a month of gym membership are good presents for active people, or those you are trying to encourage!! I know my brothers always appreciate money towards the gym or boxing classes more than another dodgy scarf or book!!!

3. DIY Healthy Hamper

Fill a basket or box with healthy treats and at-home spa essentials. Here is a suggested shopping list with a few ideas:

4. Books

I have listed a few books I have enjoyed, or have been highly recommended:


Healthy Living



5. A pet

This present isn’t for everyone, especially those allergic to pet hair, but owning a pet can be incredibly rewarding. Pets teach young children responsibility and how to care for others. Animals have a hugely positive effect on our mental health, and have been proven in many studies to help reduce stress & anxiety. A puppy isn’t just for Christmas….!