The first mud baths date back to Ancient Egyptian times, where mud was taken from the Dead Sea and applied to the skin for medicinal and therapeutic purposes. Many people believe mud baths can improve skin conditions, muscle aches and joint pain.

I have an annual wash in the Sulphur Springs in St.Lucia!

‘Theres a few things a mud bath won’t cure, but I don’t know many of them’ Anon

The springs of boiling mud are formed in cracks in the extinct volcano in Soufriere. The water also contains iron, copper, carbon and calcium oxide. I would argue that since the skin can absorb minerals, it is indeed possible that mud baths do have some health benefits. Bathing in spring water, fresh water lakes, and epsom salt baths rich in minerals are popular in western culture for the very fact that we feel so much better afterwards.

When I washed off the mud my skin felt smoother, tighter and clearer afterwards, and I certainly felt more relaxed.

Seriously though… DO NOT take your favourite swimming costume to the ‘fountain of youth’!!