This morning I am pleased to announce that Holly Siddall Ltd organised another beautiful women’s health breakfast at Annabel’s in London, in collaboration with the Shaw Mind Foundation.

Holly was recently appointed as an ambassador for the foundation that specialises in suicide prevention and mental health education in schools and the workplace. This breakfast was organised as part of the charities #liftthelid campaign, which aims to irradiate the stigma associated with mental health conditions.

20 influential guests discussed a variety of topics including children’s mental health, mental health and pregnancy, mental health language and personal experiences. It was both inspiring and empowering to hear strong women talk openly and frankly about the obstacles that lie in the way of progression, and more importantly, how we can overcome them.

The takeaway message was that we could all contribute something towards the positive mental health movement, including asking those around you how the are, spending at least 20 minutes of quality time with your children or family without looking at you mobile phone, calling elderly relatives who might be lonely, donating to charity so they can continue their good work, volunteer to talk in schools and offices, volunteer your time and ideas to campaigns or simply give a friend a hug.

There is still much work to be done within the healthcare profession to give mental health as much importance as physical health. For example, you might not know that prescriptions for diabetes and hypothyroidism are free, but medication for schizophrenia are not. This won’t change unless people discuss this important topic and take a stand.

I would like to extend a special thanks to Sarah Everest who raised the funds to sponsor the breakfast, to the passionate speakers and all the lovely attendees who continue to raise awareness and keep the conversation going.


Kate Majid (CEO Shaw Mind Foundation)

Hand-made jars made from children benefiting from the work of the foundation. Each jar contains a number of mental health essentials such as lavender, a vial of water, a positive affirmation and leaves representing nature.

Hope Virgo (PR Manager Shaw Mind Foundation) talks to Happiful magazine about our work.

A truly beautiful breakfast. See you next time x