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Holly Siddall works as a 'Visiting Practitioner', treating patients across the globe. Previous clients include the Four Seasons hotel group, private clients in a ski chalet, and guests at a wellness retreat in Southern Spain.

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Posture Analysis in the Workplace

Holly Siddall M.Ost, who has delivered health talks and posture assessments on behalf of corporate wellness experts Well Aware, runs a posture analysis service in the workplace that condenses a full hours consultation in to 20 minutes of observation, assessment and bespoke advice. The 20 minute individual consultations, carried out on-site to suit the busy schedule of your workforce, will discuss every aspect of the employee's posture and spinal health, including:

• General posture, mobility and concerns
• Work posture and ergonomic evaluation
• Sleep posture
• Lifestyle factors influencing posture including exercise, nutrition, stress, smoking etc.
• Biomechanical, spinal and posture analysis
• Prescription of personalised stretches, exercises and lifestyle advice.

Please contact us today to arrange a complimentary posture analysis and discuss this service in more detail

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Holly Siddall M.Ost

Employee Feedback

" I really liked the fact that in a very short session there was a lot of analysis and talk about many issues. Very productive session!"

"Really engaging and relevant advice. Thank you so much."

" I personally found it useful and she was very professional."