Medical Acupuncture


Medical acupuncture, or dry needling involves the use of sterile needles to reduce muscle tension, pain and improve local blood supply to promote healing. These techniques are used in conjunction with osteopathic treatment or on their own.  It is an adaptation of Chinese acupuncture using current knowledge or anatomy, physiology and pathology, and the principles of evidence based medicine. Medical acupuncture acts mainly by stimulating the nervous system and modulating pain signals. It can be used to alleviate back pain, headaches, neck aches and a broad range of other medical conditions.

What To Expect

On your first appointment a detailed case history will be taken to find out details of general health, lifestyle and medical history. A working diagnosis and findings will be explained to you, and a suggested treatment plan will be discussed. Single use, sterile, disposable needles will be used. Acupuncture is very safe with serious side effects occurring in less than 1 per 10,000 treatments. Possible side effects include drowsiness, minor bleeding or bruising and occasionally fainting (usually during the first treatment).


Holly Siddall Ltd is not currently taking new patients. Please see the website for updates or email for referral recommendations. 

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Appointments last 50 minutes and cost £75

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Patient 1

Holly is very professional and knowledgable! I recently had a low back problem, and Holly explained why it was happening and gave some fantastic treatment that relieved the pain. I since have had no problems and using the information/exercises Holly gave me I have the tools to prevent it coming back again. Fantastic all round treatment and magic hands - would highly recommend to anyone!

Patient 2

I have suffered from headaches since starting work in the summer. Holly was able to identify the source of pain in my neck and upper back. She used osteopathic manipulation and acupuncture techniques to successfully relieve the headaches. Since I have been doing the exercises given to me and following her lifestyle advice I have had no headaches.