Tennis elbow can be extremely painful & frustrating. It is a self-limiting condition that will heal on its own over time, however it can be helped by:

1. Resting the extensor muscles of the forearm so that the tissues can heal. This may involve adjusting how you work or pick things up e.g. using a wider grip on racket handle, ask someone else to open jars for you.

2. Osteopathy to improve the mobility of surround joints and reduce the load through the elbow. Soft tissue techniques to improve blood flow and promote healing and healthy alignment of scar tissue.

3. Ice for 5-10 mins every couple of hours to reduce inflammation and pain. (Talk to your GP or pharmacist about topical NSAID’s, painkillers or corticosteroid injections).

4. Try using a tennis elbow support band. Put it around forearm underneath the symptoms to act as a false origin and allow the tendon to repair, rather than over the area of pain. Boots sell their own brand of tennis elbow support bands, or there are many on the market. You don’t need to spend too much on one, it just has to create a false origin to aid shock absorption away from the lateral epicondyle.

5. Range of motion rehabilitation exercises